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D.J. Dr.Bee

 OLDSKOOL 905fm  
  D.J. Dr.Bee : 5 OCLOCK  MIXX  Mondays ; Tuesdays ; Thursday  5  p.m.

OLDSKOOL 905fm  

 D.J. Dr.Bee : 5 OCLOCK  MIXX  Mondays ; Tuesdays ; Thursday  5  p.m.  

D.J. U.J .(AKA) D.J .Scooney Da Beat

D.J. U.J .(AKA) D.J .Scooney Da Beat



D.J. U.J .(AKA) D.J .Scooney Da Beat :  5 OCLOCK MIXX ; Wednesdays & Fridays 5 p,m,    

​D.J. Carey Magic


OLDSKOOL  905fm  

​D.J. Carey Magic :RE-mixin'World House & Soul on the FLIPSIDE Show Friday night 8pm to 10pm      Conscious music for your mind body & Soul .  


yeah I said it Talk Show


905fm Talk Show

yeah I said it !!! Show Community talk World talk with your host Dr,Bee ; 

Every second  and  fourth of the month Friday  8 p.m. to 9 p.m. est

Big Poppa sports show '' HOT SPORTS '' Big Poppa & Joe the Gift .

  905fm : SPORTS
Coming Out of the BIG   HOT SPORTS  Big Poppa and Joe Gifts

905fm: SPORTS

Coming Out of the BIG M.D. \ D.C. When you're talking HOT SPORTS  you're talking sports with Big Poppa and Joe The Gift ; Every second and fourth of the month Friday 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. est.

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NPR's roots go back to the earliest days of American broadcasting. Many of the country's first radio stations emerged at colleges and universities who wanted to experiment with this new medium to educate and entertain the public.

Today NPR is experiencing another era of innovation, not unlike the earliest days of radio — though much faster, and more chaotic and dynamic. The network's radio service offers a strong foundation, as NPR and its stations are actively embracing the power and potential of digital media to serve our mission.

About Us

''The Station that Gives you More'' & OLDSKOOL Classic / Soul / R&B / RAP.


Only few other Radio Station cares,about our radio main vision as Oldskool 905fm does. As this is a very popular thematic Radio Station . The Radio Station  has its own vision and style. We like to electrify our  listeners through our presentation of various kinds of music. Music is at the heart of Oldskool 905fm . 

   '' THANK YOU'' for your support.        

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